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About Us

TREPIC Networks partners have over 30 years combined experience starting and operating Internet Service Providers.  We started our fist Wireless Internet Service Provider in 2001 in the Cowboy State of Wyoming.  TREPIC Networks partners bring years of experience building and operating Internet Service providers dedicated to providing service in rural areas where it isn't profitable for the "Big Players" to go.  We understand the importance of having access to reliable high speed broadband and understand this isn't delivered by Satellite, Cellular or DSL connections.

TREPIC Networks was started from scratch after finding rural areas around Phoenix that have little or no access to fast reliable broadband service and knew we had the knowledge to help.  We started on just one Tower in Queen Creek Arizona in 2015 and built our network with all of the knowledge we have gained over the years.  Our network is robust and reliable,  we are constantly upgrading improving and growing the network to service more and more customers as we find them and are able to get to them.

Since our startup we have expanded our services to reach Florence, San Tan Valley, Coolidge, Eloy, Casa Grande, Gilbert and Mesa Arizona in addition to Queen Creek.  We try to narrow our services and do an exceptional job at providing those services.  We specialize in Residential and Business Internet Service,  we currently offer speeds up to 50Mbps for residential and in some cases we offer up to 100Mbps for Business Internet.

In 2018 to keep the commitment we made to our customers ( Fast, Reliable Service ) we were forced to change how we connected to the Internet,  this was a major milestone for TREPIC Networks and was done primarily because our upstream provider could not keep the commitments they made to us. This type of expansion usually happens much later in the life of an Internet Service Provider and shows how committed we are to providing truly exceptional internet service. TREPIC Networks is now connected to the Digital Realty Phoenix Data Center with a private line connection, it is having our equipment at the data center that allows us to purchase an unlimited amount of high quality bandwidth for our customers.  We are now offering lease space in the Phoenix Data center to others that may have a need for this type of service.

We look forward to expanding our service in the Phoenix Areas

TREPIC Networks Team

Queen Creek Internet Install

TREPIC Networks HuntHighway Tower in Queen Creek, AZ

Wireless Internet Service

TREPIC MicroPop in Florence, AZ

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