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Reliable High Speed Internet Access

Epic Wireless Connectivity!




Who we are?

TREPIC Networks is the leading Internet Service Provider in the Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Coolidge, Eloy, Casa Grande and Florence Arizona Area’s.

TREPIC Networks was started with the goal of Providing Epic Connectivity throughout the valley. With over 30 years of Communication Experience the TREPIC Networks owners are determined to provide excellent internet service and excellent customer service to the customers we service. Our first wireless tower site was deployed in March 2015 and has the ability to service hundreds of residents with high speed internet connectivity with performance equal to and in some cases better than DSL/Cable service.

TREPIC Networks is a privately-owned company, with the ownership residing within the service area.


"Just had my TREPIC Wireless Group internet installed. Blazing fast so far. Speed test bumped me from 2.5 download to 10M over other wireless internet provider. Awesome installer too – courteous and professional. So glad there’s finally an alternative for those of us who have no other internet options!!"
- Carrie / Queen Creek, AZ
"We finally have the TREPIC service at our church building. Sundays are by far our highest usage days and I can’t tell you what a difference this has made for us. Thank you so much for making this better service available in our area."
- Richard / Queen Creek, AZ
"I would recommend TREPIC to any household. No traditional internet service is offered at our address and satellite services are not an option due to the slowdown after meeting data transfer threshold. TREPIC is a great alternative for household – with or without traditional internet service options. Most consumers are not aware of the different technology offered by TREPIC. In my experience, TREPIC customer service and post installation follow through is unmatched by any utility company."
- Roxanne / Queen Creek, AZ

PO Box 9305

Chandler Heights, AZ 85127

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24 Hour Tech Support

Sales/Billing Hours: Monday-Friday (8am-5pm)

Phone:  623.349.4172

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