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Q.) What does a typical Internet install look like on my home or business?

A.) A typical installation uses a 16" dish mounted to the exterior of the house, usually on a corner or roof. To the right is a picture of a typical installation.

Q.) How does TREPIC Networks deliver high speed broadband to my home or business?

High Speed Internet Install

A.) TREPIC Networks uses a high speed fiber backbone and state-of-the-art wireless equipment to deliver high speed broadband to each subscriber.  Click Here for a system overview.

Q.) Is the amount of data I can Download/Upload limited?

A.) Unlike many services such as Satellite and Cellular which have "hidden" data caps.......TREPIC Networks has NO DATA CAPS whatsoever....nothing catches.....DATA CAPS don't exist with our service period,  feel free to stream as much data as you would like!

Q.) How does TREPIC Network's equipment connect inside of my house or business?

A.) TREPIC's indoor equipment is nothing more than a power supply and a customers standard broadband router.  If you have had to move or unplug your equipment please click here to view our standard connection diagram.  This should be everything you need to get back up and running.

Q.) I purchased a new router, how do I get it connected to the TREPIC Network?

A.) TREPIC Networks uses PPPoE for customers to connect to our network.  You can find your username/password on a sticker on the power supply we installed during the initial setup of your internet.  If there is no sticker or you can't find the power supply, message us on Facebook, email us or call so we can get you these credentials.

Q.) Auto-Pay by Credit or Debit card is required for TREPIC Networks Internet service.

A.) When you are first signed up for service a representative will send a DocuSign to your email for you to complete,  this is our electronic Internet agreement and can be completed on a phone, tablet or computer.  Auto Payment by Credit Card or Debit Card is a requirement for service.  Automating our monthly payments keeps our administrative costs low and helps us keep Internet affordable...the way it should be!

Q.) I am having difficulty sending email with Microsoft Outlook or other email software? Receiving email works fine, what is my issue?

A.) TREPIC Networks blocks the standard outgoing email port 25.  We view this as a security risk to the integrity of our network.  The truth is 95% of all email systems today utilize the more secure outbound mail ports such as 587.  Our network supports all of the outbound secure mail ports,  just change your outgoing server in your email client to one of these and your mail will send as normal.  Please view this setup document for more info:  Secure Email Setup

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